An Intro to Carbon-Free Energy 

In this second course, we focus on carbon aware procurement strategies. We outline the practical steps any organization can take to reduce energy-related emissions. 
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  • Exams
  • Study time
    1.5 hours
  • Video time
    40 mins

About the course

We explain the what, why and give a high level overview of how to adopt a 24/7 Carbon-free energy strategy. 

Course Lessons

Our Experts

Simone Accornero
Simone has developed his cleantech start-up to become a global leader in providing blockchain-based solutions for the energy sector - attracting clients and partners such as Google and Microsoft. He is a key figure in the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy space, known for his active role in developing new standards and guidelines for the UN 24/7 CFE Compact, the Linux Energy Foundation, and the EnergyTag initiative.
Joan Collell
Joan has worked for the last five years on growing FlexiDAO into an established scale up servicing global brands like Vodafone, Google and Microsoft. He has a wealth of experience in decarbonization strategies, renewable energy procurement and digitalization. His background in consultancy informs his work, and he has held previous positions at Bain & Co., Google, and Henkel.